Strategy Focus

The Economic Strategy for Melbourne ’s South East has three key elements which define its essential focus and perspective.   These are:-

  • the unique regional perspective of the Strategy;
  • the significance of regional leadership to ensure the successful outcome of the Strategy;
  • the identification of key regional projects to implement the Strategy.

2.1  A Regional Perspective for Melbourne’s South East

Presented in a metropolitan perspective, Melbourne ’s South East has historically been portrayed as a series of urban corridors extending radially from the central and middle suburbs.   This view of the region reflected its early beginnings and evolution as extensions of development from central and middle Melbourne .   However, current analyses indicate that Melbourne ’s South East has developed as a distinctive and functional economic region.

The Economic Strategy has provided a new perspective of Melbourne ’s South East as a clearly identifiable region of national significance.  It advances a holistic approach in relation to the assessment of infrastructure and development needs, employment prospects and challenges, likely investment requirements, and the need to provide a long-term framework to ensure world-class competitiveness, sustainable prosperity and liveability in the region.

2.2  Significance of Leadership

The single most significant factor which is likely to influence economic and other outcomes for the region, is the quality and application of leadership in the championing, communication and delivery of the Strategy to the region.   The  development of a culture of leadership is recognised as an essential first principle for the success of the Strategy.   In order to achieve this outcome, the ongoing development of regional leadership was designated as a significant regional project with identified objectives, tasks and success factors, for phased concurrent implementation with other key regional projects.

2.3  Key Regional Projects

The Economic Strategy for Melbourne ’s South East has adopted a projects-based approach for the ongoing development and delivery of the Strategy.   That is, the essential elements of the Strategy are identifiable projects which can be further specified, assessed and developed in partnership with the State Government and other business, Government and institutional stakeholders.   The structure of the Strategy in terms of the component key regional projects is set out in Section 5.2.   The implementation framework for the Strategy is set out in Section 5.3.