Strategic Direction

The strategic economic direction of the region is being planned and promoted by a strong alliance between 11 local government authorities, the region’s world class tertiary institution, and the region’s primary utility companies, along with state and federal government decision makers.

The knowledge and expertise of these stakeholders is combining to create a unified investment brand for Melbourne’s South East. The strategy, Prosperity for the Next Generation, will be used to guide policy development, land use management and key planning decisions to deliver sustainable prosperity for the region.

The strategy contains a number of projects that will ensure prosperity is achieved. More information can be found by clicking on the links below Strategic Direction to the left.

Major regional projects
Eleven major projects are included in Melbourne South East’s strategy and several more have been developed.

Projects already underway
Technology capabilities alignment [Enhancing the accessibility of research facilities for businesses in the region.]

Central harbour at Frankston [Creating a safe boat facility.]

Marketing [Running several ongoing campaigns to brand & promote the region.]

Leadership [Developing the Melbourne’s South East Group; adoption of the MSE strategy by member councils & further engagement with government & private sector stakeholders.]

Basin to the Bay [Coordinating the assets & social, environmental & economic advantages of the Dandenong Creek area for businesses & residents.]

Recycled water [Implementing projects to meet the target of recycling 20% of treated effluent by 2010.]

Other projects:
Transit Cities Infrastructure Fund [To coordinate public investment in the South East’s Transit City network & facilitate private sector investment.]

EastLink Employment Corridor [To plan for economic development of key areas to maximise their employment growth potential.]

East West Roads [To facilitate strategic improvements in the east-west roads system that services Melbourne’s South East.]

Industry clusters [To support the development of industry clusters throughout the region.]

Business Education Forum [To encourage dialogue between educational institutions & the business sector, with an emphasis on increasing manufacturing & service skills.]

Public Transport [To improve public transport options for employees working or living in Melbourne’s South East.]

Industrial land monitor [To analyse fully & partially undeveloped industrial land & forecast its availability.]

Planning, promotion and investment – creating competitive advantages for your local or international business.

Melbourne’ South East, the strategic place to Invest.