The Economic Strategy for Melbourne ’s South East has proceeded through stakeholder workshops and a series of economic and regional assessments to the identification of significant issues and challenges to be addressed in the development of the Strategy.  The Strategy is a framework to position the Region to deliver sustainable prosperity and liveability building on the recognised manufacturing and business strengths of the South East and linking these to the Region’s significant education and research resources and to the planning and development of improved activity centres and new world-class employment nodes.

In the final analysis, the Strategy recognises that the Region’s optimal future requires a new perspective of Melbourne’s South East as an integrated second Melbourne focused to achieve improved and new environments for manufacturing, advanced business services and supporting research and services.  The essential message of the Strategy is for a paradigm shift and a view of the region’s future as being primarily dependent on linking new investments in manufacturing and business services to new and improved activity areas and to substantial improvements in environments and accessibility.